A love of the architecture of Scotland inspires my personal model making but commission work can be as broad as you like.

What do I make? I make scale, three-dimensional buildings and structures in a range of materials; card, styrene, resin, foamex, clay, brass and nickel-silver to produce details and textures. The construction starts with a strong card or styrene shell and concludes with details, paintwork and weathering.

Detail parts can be made from all sorts of materials and processes. I have worked with suppliers of laser-cutting, metal etching and 3D printing facilities to create fine and accurate components.
This commission reproduced a station office in Glasgow that was lost to redevelopment in the 1970s. Studies of old photographs provided the material to draw up as accurate a model as possible.

How does it work? Work starts with research, drawings and sketches. I estimate the job and quote you a fixed fee. If you agree to go ahead, I schedule the build!

Research can involve digging through online catalogues, public archives and books. Sometimes it can be a proper local history challenge.

Get in touch

To discuss your ideas and commission a unique model of your own, contact me: 07816882399

You can find examples of commission work on FacebookInstagram or Flickr